We are excited about the release of our new book, The Accidental Marketer Case Book! It complements our original book – The Accidental Marketer.

If you are interested in buying The Accidental Marketer Case Book – click here to order the book (NEED LINK) or download the eBook (NEED LINK).

In each chapter of The Case Book, you will find “the story behind the story” of great marketing successes from companies you know.  

You will gain access to the tools that created these strategies, and learn how to customize them for the unique circumstances of your industry and markets. 

Meet The Authors

The following is the list of cases in The Accidental Marketer Case Book

Order here (link).  Click on the links below to access the chapter tools.

  • Chapter 1:  How Do You Master Market Agility?
    • Case:  Kraft/Heinz and The Case of the One Way Mirror
    • Tool:  Trend Analysis
  • Chapter 2:  How Do You Stay Attuned to Power Shifts in Your Industry?
    • Case:  A Pharma Brand, GE & Air Conditioners
    • Tool:  Influence Map
  • Chapter 3:  How Do Innovators Keep Their Edge?
  • Chapter 4:  How Do Traditional Businesses Keep Up with New Digital Competitors?
    • Case:  Uber, Airbnb and The Case of the Digital Chokepoint
    • Tool:  Segmentation
  • Chapter 5:  How Do Market Leaders Think Differently About Competition?
  • Chapter 6:  How Can Market Research Help Avoid Disaster and Drive Success?
    • Case:  Lexus/Phaeton and The Case of the Divergent Paths
    • Tool:  Ability to Win
  • Chapter 7:  How Can Smart Companies Bet On The Future – and Win?
  • Chapter 8:  How Can You Build A Market AND Defend It As It Matures?
  • Chapter 9:  How Can Content Marketing Be Used To Build Customer Trust?
  • Chapter 10: How Can You Successfully Manage Your Business With Just A Few Metrics?