I love how these chapters are helpful in altering a business plan mid-stream (or in steady state). This book is an excellent tool kit to any marketers regardless of their tenure. When you are in the throes of trying to market a brand, there are times where you are so busy you have blinders on, or you forget about the ‘little’ things that play a big influence.
Cortney Smith
Executive Director, Commercial Effectiveness, Global Pharma Company
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I don’t know that you guys realize how much you’ve impacted our company over time. It’s translated into dollars. Our profitability (today) vs. what it was when I started with the company is on pace to 10x. Impact’s tools lead you to ask the right questions about your customers, markets, and competitors. The breakout group conversations became very focused very quickly, and we all came to understand each other’s perspectives.
Eric Farrand
Vice President of Global Sales, United Animal Health
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Impact’s tools and expert moderation had a lasting impact on our business. Not only were we able to build a clear, strong strategy in days that could have taken months on our own – the tools and ways of thinking were timeless. The iterations of our plans for years after the engagement were much easier because the original strategy was so robust. And we saw the difference in our business results right away.
Jane Fuller
Founder of Fuller Insight LLC, formerly of Colgate-Palmolive, The Coca-Cola Company and Pfizer
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The authors have created the perfect companion to their acclaimed work, ‘The Accidental Marketer.’ Whether you’re revisiting the fundamentals or exploring fresh perspectives, this book is your strategic compass in an era shaped by AI and rapid innovation. Prepare to adapt, innovate, and succeed with insights that are as timeless as they are valuable!
Rick Hefner
Executive Director, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
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Building on their earlier book success – the Accidental Marketer continues in the tradition of bringing “real world” scenarios to marketing frameworks and tool sets that can be readily applied by the modern-day marketer!
Jay Moore
Chief Learning Officer at GE Corporate
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IMPACT taught me the importance of understanding industry shifts in decision-making power, and of getting to true customer values vs benefits. As a result, we repositioned a product from an emphasis on “improved speed of procedure” to the more emotional “my surgical partner has confidence in me to do my part.” With IMPACT’s help, my team and I were able to transform our approach to the market and expand market share and market adoption. I also was able to take IMPACT’s tools and techniques to other teams & companies and make an immediate impact there as well.
Jennifer Paradise
Former Managing Director & VP at Getinge; Marketing Lead at Ethicon
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Not just an entertaining read peppered with lots of marketing stories but full of practical tools that can help form your strategy based on marketing principles.
Bryan Siow
Head of Corporate and Business Development at Elessent; Former Head of Strategy and Marketing at Halliburton
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When faced with difficult strategic challenges, Impact Planning has been a great thought-partner to help facilitate workshops and drive greater clarity. From competitive wargaming to innovation strategy to marketing training, Impact Planning has proven their expertise time and again.
Mike Stow
Vice President, Global Marketing, Surgical Robotics, Medtronic
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Given my experience over the years with Impact, I can’t think of a better approach to help businesses succeed! Their approach provides a clear line of sight from planning through to execution. Their tools help teams uncover insights that are often missing or disconnected from the strategy.
Lesley Fronio
Senior Vice President & General Manager at Vyaire Medical

Over the years, I have continued to be impressed by the way Impact uses their systematic approach to unlock our teams’ minds and creativity. They have helped us gain valuable insights that were key to successfully launching global systems and programs.
Luis Duarte
Product Manager, Engineering Strategy & Innovation, Carrier

I was impressed with the amount of insights & what we were able to accomplish in a very short period. Impact’s tools and approach helped us quickly gain greater alignment and collaboration, not only within our teams…but across the teams.
Amy Inabinet
Assistant Vice President, Marketing, CareCredit, Synchrony Financial, formerly GE Capitol
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As a formally-trained veterinarian that found myself in a marketing role, I truly am an “Accidental Marketer”! I have personally used the tools to successfully lead the launch and rebranding of several products – as if I have been a marketer all my career.
Shelley Stanford
Business Unit Director, Swine and Poultry, Zoetis

To our surprise, we found that, in many ways, the virtual planning process was much better than past live planning meetings.
Charlie Merchant
Global Therapy Development Director, Acute Care Therapies, Getinge
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This is a huge competitive advantage for Synchrony. This program is helping us become a better partner to our retail clients by enabling us to solve real, complex problems using a proven framework of customer needs-centric marketing.
Scott Kagan
VP, Marketing Learning & Development, Synchrony
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Our teams love this process because “solving” is in their DNA. By using Impact’s tools, they can take a strategic & systematic approach to address their real business challenges. They create the evidence needed to gain support internally – as well as externally.
Ralph Elwell
People Learning Leader & Engagement Manager, GE Renewable Energy
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This is one of the best strategic planning processes! Impact’s tools and coaching helps teams gain new insights, build exceptional plans…and save loads of time!
Christine Grogan
Vice President Americas, KCI/Acelity (former), Founder BRAVE Coalition

As an engineer and educator, I thought that Impact’s On-Demand program provides a good balance between an introduction, case study, method, and tool for each topic. The approach also enables people to come up with “crazy ideas” without restricting themselves. It makes the brainstorming more effective. Overall, it is simple and easy to use. I was able to immediately apply the learnings and tools to my business.
Catherine Malchaire
Technical Service Manager Europe
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Mary and Tom are the most practical marketing experts I came across. They build for your business experience-based, actionable and easy to use insights and tools. The perfect combination of expertise, down to earth approach, and fun. A big thank you to them and their team for all of those fruitful years of collaboration.
Bruno Bert
Formerly AVP at Wyeth Nutrition, a part of Nestle SA

This was my first online course and admit that I was a bit anxious about the amount of time needed to complete it. The order in which each of you presented information that complemented one another, made the completion of each module fun and stress-free. Each module was very well taught and made the concepts easy to understand and follow. The case studies helped to strengthen the concepts and tie the information together. The podcasts were helpful in presenting more examples and the tool kit is great for putting the material into practice.
Basilio Raygoza
Fleet Supervisor, SoCalGas
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As a founder of Impact Planning Group over 40 years ago, I am proud to see that these tools have been time-tested with thousands of companies, and continue to add value to organizations and their customers.
James Mac Hulbert
R. C. Kopf Professor Emeritus, Columbia University. Book about his car – ERA: The autobiography of R4D, Tenbury Wells: Porter Press, 2016