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Do your product managers and marketers have the background to develop differentiated, customer-centric strategies? Or were your marketers trained in other disciplines, finding their way into a marketing role “accidentally?”

As products and services have become more technical, many companies have filled product management and marketing jobs with technically trained people. It is not a mistake.  With the right guidance, these accidental marketers can add strategic thinking skills to their technical knowledge and reach their full potential.  

Our past participants say that our company-based strategic marketing workshops are the most powerful, practical, and entertaining sessions they have ever attended. In as little as two days, we can develop your team’s lifelong strategic skills while they get real planning work done during the workshop.

When faced with difficult strategic challenges, Impact Planning has been a great thought-partner to help facilitate workshops and drive greater clarity. From competitive wargaming to innovation strategy to marketing training, Impact Planning has proven their expertise time and again.
Mike Stow
Vice President, Global Marketing, Surgical Robotics, Medtronic
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As a formally-trained veterinarian that found myself in a marketing role, I truly am an “Accidental Marketer”! I have personally used the tools to successfully lead the launch and rebranding of several products – as if I have been a marketer all my career.
Shelley Stanford
Business Unit Director, Swine and Poultry, Zoetis