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    Can Gamification Help B2Bs Sell “Serious” Products?

    The trend of gamification applies aspects of game-playing to business, in order to invite more customer interaction on your website, help you invent new products, and even get employees to go the extra mile to take care of customers. The team discusses what you can do to leverage fun and games in your business!

    The Case of the 19th Century Content Marketer

    This week we focus on the agricultural giant John Deere. Amongst the many reasons for Deere's long-term success is an astonishing fact: they began practicing content marketing over 120 years ago! The team digs into the principles of B2B content marketing. Why does it work? How should companies be guided in developing content? Learn the differences between B2C and B2B content marketing strategies.

    Are the 4Ps of Marketing Dead?

    According to Marketing Week, when it comes to the famous 4Ps of marketing — product, place, promotion and price –there...

    Are the 4Ps Still Relevant?

    The team starts out this episode disagreeing on whether marketer's should continue to structure their strategies around the tenets of product, place, promotion and price. But they come to an agreement on how the 4Ps can still be a useful organizing principle for marketers.

    Own the Mindspace You Want!

    If you don't choose the image or perception that you want to own in your B2B customer's mind, your competition will! In this episode, Tom, Mary and Sean talk about the principles of positioning -- how to do it proactively, effectively, and in accordance with how your customers mind really works!