When it comes to marketing strategies, successful companies do things differently than others.  At Impact, we spend most of our waking hours studying what those differences are, and helping our clients apply them to create a unique and sustainable advantage.

Over the past 20 years, marketing and business has changed more rapidly than ever.  Our clients tell us that we have constantly evolved and achieved the difficult equilibrium of being both contemporary and practical. We believe that this is due to two rules that guide our business.

Rule number 1:  We will always balance our client work between academic executive education programs and  individual client work.  Academia helps us stay ahead of marketing trends while constantly improving our teaching clarity.  Projects with individual companies ensure that our approaches work in the “real world.”

As a founder of Impact Planning Group over 40 years ago, I am proud to see that these tools have been time-tested with thousands of companies, and continue to add value to organizations and their customers.
James Mac Hulbert
R. C. Kopf Professor Emeritus, Columbia University. Book about his car – ERA: The autobiography of R4D, Tenbury Wells: Porter Press, 2016

Rule number 2:   We never “bait-and-switch” by wooing you with our experts then staffing your engagement with less-experienced personnel.  We are a boutique firm that accepts a limited number of engagements, and staffs them with only highly-experienced consultants.  You will have the undivided participation of our best people from start to finish.

We’ve figured out how to scale our business using technology instead of hiring less-experienced junior consultants to do the “heavy lifting.”  We do the heavy lifting ourselves, and love it!

The result is that we form lifelong relationships with the people and companies that we work with.  We’d love to get to know you and help you unlock the full potential of your organization, your team and your career.

We Work With Interesting and Diverse Clients

Over our 40 years, we have been fortunate to work with some long-term clients for decades. Our client list, as shown partially below, spans a wide variety of industries. This experience allows us to help our clients gain exposure to cross-industry best practices and innovate in ways that their competitors may miss.

Our Experts


Mary Abbazia

Managing Director

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Tom Spitale


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Sean Welham

Head of Europe

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Jane Fuller

Customer Insights Specialist

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Ginny Ertl

Change Management & Leadership Specialist

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Mara Martin

Manager of Client Services

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