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    How Buyers Will Change Post-Pandemic

    First in a series of 4 videos that highlight trends and useful business and marketing planning strategies for the aftermath...

    How Can B2Bs Improve Their Customer Experience?

    The new generation of B2B buyers have high expectations for the experience of interacting with and buying from suppliers. From the front-end of the "customer journey" (e.g., researching solutions) to the back-end (e.g., buying add-on products)-- to all interactions in-between, a focus on improving experiences provides a powerful non-price reason for customers to do more business with you!

    Do B2B Customers Lie to Companies?

    Some think that conducting B2B customer research is difficult, expensive, and not valuable because customers don't tell the truth about their needs! The team debunks these myths with many practical examples -- including stories of great insights uncovered in difficult industries and ideas for how to get truthful insight using very practical and inexpensive methods.

    Finding B2B Customer Insight

    Some customers lie, and others just don't know how to articulate their needs beyond the obvious. Finding out what customers really want -- especially B2B customers -- can be very difficult. In this episode, Tom, Sean and Mary discuss how Accidental Marketers can gain a huge leg up on the competition by employing simple, powerful, effective and low/no cost techniques for generating customer insight.

    Uncovering B2B Customer Insight

    Click here to see Mary Abbazia  from Impact Planning Group interview Jeanne Davis, Head of Williams Lea Tag’s Client Feedback...