How Can Marketers Buy More Time For ROI?

    We continue with our season devoted to a topic on most marketer’s minds: return on investment (ROI). Marketers are facing...

    How Can Marketing Prove It’s Impact?

    We are spending an entire podcast season on a topic marketers struggle with all of the time: return on investment...

    How To Save Marketing From Budget Cuts

    We start a full season of podcasts on the topic of Marketing Return on Investment (ROI). For a number of...

    Does Your Business Need a CDMO?

    We continue discussing “surprise” marketing topics. In this era of CSOs, CDOs and CXOs, Mary asks if businesses should have...
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    Is Virtual As Good As Live?

    This season we surprise each other by throwing out un-rehearsed marketing topics and debating them. The second topic on this...

    Trends That Shaped the Last Decade

    Sean wrote an article on Linkedin regarding 10 trends that shaped the decade. It's a fitting backdrop for our season finale, where several of these trends are examined for their ongoing relevance to the world -- and to your B2B business!

    When Should You Commit Brand Heresy?

    Brand heresy is the practice of established brands promoting in ways that are very different from their past positioning. For example, when an airline advises "think twice before your book a flight" something strange is going on! Mary, Sean and Tom share examples of brand heresy, and discuss if and when a strategist should commit it.

    Can Gamification Help B2Bs Sell “Serious” Products?

    The trend of gamification applies aspects of game-playing to business, in order to invite more customer interaction on your website, help you invent new products, and even get employees to go the extra mile to take care of customers. The team discusses what you can do to leverage fun and games in your business!