Are you Making Lukewarm Tea?

    The “Silent Killer” of Market Share So, you have invested sweat and money into developing a great new product and...

    How Buyers Will Change Post-Pandemic

    First in a series of 4 videos that highlight trends and useful business and marketing planning strategies for the aftermath...

    Unprecedented Diffusion of Decision-Making Power

    This new season covers trends that businesses need to know about and have a plan for. This episode discusses how new decision-makers are gaining power in every industry. Is now the time for re-tooling your sales force to effectively call on economic buyers and executives? Should you start promoting to end-users in your market, when you never have before? This discussion will help you decide!

    The Case of the Hidden Influencer

    Inertia and habit are the enemies of customer-centricity in business. In most industries, market dynamics often change long before companies adjust their strategies. Learn about a company that discovered they were focusing on the wrong stakeholder -- and how they changed their strategy in the nick of time. Mary, Sean and Tom discuss how you can save yourself the angst and morph your strategy before losing share!
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    Does Targeting Reduce Your Chances For Growth?

    Does narrowing your focus to a single or a few target segments limit your opportunities for growth? While it is logical to think that targeting reduces your total addressable market (and it does), the team talks about the magnetic effect of focus - the ironic result of serving one segment so well that other segments are drawn to your value proposition.

    Is B2B Segmentation Impractical?

    Many B2B's have had the initial excitement of creating a needs-based segmentation strategy...only to have it fizzle out due to poor buy-in and bad execution of the initiative. They conclude that "it doesn't work." But it is actually very practical! And the answers to successfully implementing are easier than you think! Listen to the team give tips on how to make this powerful, differentiating approach work.

    The Magnetic Effect of Focus

    Businesses that have more defined targets have broader appeal! Mary, Sean and Tom discuss how this ironic truth -- and little known secret to business -- plays out in consumer and B2B markets.

    Choosing Attractive Targets

    If you can't define an attractive target market, you'll chase every opportunity and dangerously dilute your company's focus. In this episode, Mary, Sean and Tom describe a powerful tool and process that has helped their clients gain agreement on everything from target markets to potential partners to project priorities.

    How to Segment in B2B

    Most businesses miss a tremendous opportunity to differentiate -- even in mature B2B markets -- by not practicing the art and science of segmentation. In this episode, the team provides practical tips and examples for segmenting markets in ways that help create powerful value propositions.