How To Optimize Your Brand Portfolio

    If you are wondering if your company has too many brands–you probably do! It’s extremely difficult to part with and...

    When Should You Commit Brand Heresy?

    Brand heresy is the practice of established brands promoting in ways that are very different from their past positioning. For example, when an airline advises "think twice before your book a flight" something strange is going on! Mary, Sean and Tom share examples of brand heresy, and discuss if and when a strategist should commit it.

    The Little Blue Pill That Could

    Businesses of all types can learn a lot from what pharma companies do when their blockbuster drugs come off patent. Some fall off the revenue cliff, and some -- like Viagra -- do a remarkable job of holding share. In this episode, the team highlights what any business that faces low-priced competition can learn from Viagra's continued success.

    Own the Mindspace You Want!

    If you don't choose the image or perception that you want to own in your B2B customer's mind, your competition will! In this episode, Tom, Mary and Sean talk about the principles of positioning -- how to do it proactively, effectively, and in accordance with how your customers mind really works!
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    CVS bets on the Magnetic Effect of Focus: 3 of 3

    In Parts 1 and 2 of this 3 part series, we discussed how CVS’ decision to stop selling cigarettes models bold targeting and innovation to differentiate -- two of the ten principles behind some of the business world’s greatest marketing successes. In Part 3, we discuss how CVS strategy models a third world-class marketing principle, believable positioning.