Is Virtual As Good As Live?

    Season 5, Episode 1: In this first episode of our video podcast, we have decided to surprise each other by...

    Are you Making Lukewarm Tea?

    The “Silent Killer” of Market Share So, you have invested sweat and money into developing a great new product and...
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    The Case of the Divergent Paths

    The last episode of Season 3 unpacks the interesting cases of Lexus and the Volkswagen Phaeton. These two brands -- one a colossal success and the other a notorious failure -- show how two companies attempting to do the same thing took divergent paths. See the specific strategic planning moves that led to Lexus' legendary success, and how Phaeton did the exact opposite -- to it's immediate and lasting detriment.

    The Cold Case of the Cool Takeover

    One of the most underrated and over-performing businesses in the world is in the refrigeration business in China. You may have not heard of them, but there are some important, counter-intuitive secrets to their success. These include extreme dedication to customer-centricity (demonstrated over decades) and an ability to anticipate customer needs. Listen in as the team unlocks this company's success secrets.

    The Symbiotic Competitor

    The retailer Kohl's will return items to Amazon for you -- are they crazy? New types of partnerships are emerging almost daily, some between companies that have been -- or will soon be -- competitors. Why is this happening? Is it a good idea? The team dissects the idea of symbiotic competition -- when it makes sense, when it doesn't, and how B2Bs can think through the unimaginable -- should you partner with competitors?

    The Digital Chokepoint

    B2B companies are seeing some of their high-margin offerings being undercut. Smaller competitors with fewer assets are specializing, moving faster, and leaving the traditional competitors to fight it out over commoditized products and services. In the worst case scenario, some industries are being "Uber-ized!" Find out what you can do to protect yourself!