The Fine Balance Between Risk and Reward

    How to manage strategic risk Following a full-blown crisis people, naturally, take steps to avoid a recurrence. “Those who cannot...

    Do You Need a CDMO?

    The Pandemic Will Open the Door to Dangerous New Competitors In the 2012 HBR article, Surviving Disruption, Clayton Christensen and Maxwell...

    Does Your Business Need a CDMO?

    Video Podcast: Season 5, Episode 2: The team continues discussing “surprise” marketing topics and debating them. In this era of...
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    Is Virtual As Good As Live?

    Season 5, Episode 1: In this first episode of our video podcast, we have decided to surprise each other by...

    Trends That Shaped the Last Decade

    Sean wrote an article on Linkedin regarding 10 trends that shaped the decade. It's a fitting backdrop for our season finale, where several of these trends are examined for their ongoing relevance to the world -- and to your B2B business!

    The Impact of Coronavirus on B2Bs

    This special edition podcast was recorded on April 14, 2020 and focuses specifically on how to plan for the uncertain future spawned by COVID-19. The team puts this event into historical focus, discusses implications, and generally aims to help B2Bs be proactive in jump-starting their post-pandemic planning processes.

    The Case of the Dubious Management Fad (NPS)

    Most marketers are familiar with Net Promoter Score (NPS) -- a metric to measure the strength of your relationships with customers. The Wall Street Journal wrote that some companies are reporting changes to NPS on quarterly analyst calls -- and called NPS a "Dubious Management Fad." You probably have an opinion on NPS -- listen in as we discuss plusses and minuses of NPS, particularly in a B2B context.