Is SWOT Dead?

    Even If You’re Not Ready to Kill It, It’s Time to Demote the Old Standard No doubt, your mother once...

    Is Virtual As Good As Live?

    This season we surprise each other by throwing out un-rehearsed marketing topics and debating them. The second topic on this...
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    Make Your Third Move First

    Get Out of the Gate Quickly By Adding War-Gaming To Your New Product Launch Strategy Do you find that your...

    How B2Bs Can Personalize Like a B2C Company

    Many of us have experienced personalization in our relationships with consumer products and services providers. But can B2Bs personalize their offers and communications? The answer is YES. New technologies are enabling B2Bs to deliver increasingly more customized messages and offers. The team uncovers some of the keys to success in using personalization to drive higher margins and customer loyalty.

    The Little Blue Pill That Could

    Businesses of all types can learn a lot from what pharma companies do when their blockbuster drugs come off patent. Some fall off the revenue cliff, and some -- like Viagra -- do a remarkable job of holding share. In this episode, the team highlights what any business that faces low-priced competition can learn from Viagra's continued success.