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Is your company facing a significant new market challenge or a dangerous new competitor?  Have you recently acquired a company and want to take full advantage of new opportunities? Or maybe your company’s innovation pipeline is a little stale and you need to develop some new markets?

These are all situations faced by our clients with strategic issues. Working with us gives you the ability to ultimately solve strategic problems yourself – instead of “outsourcing the problem to a traditional consulting firm”.  We can help frame the problem, develop creative solutions and facilitate alignment on the ultimate plan.

Our tools and facilitation help you break down strategy problems into solvable pieces. We position you and your team to lead your organization’s strategic dialogue in a way that makes every cross-functional partner feel heard. This maximizes creativity, alignment, and growth.

When faced with difficult strategic challenges, Impact Planning has been a great thought-partner to help facilitate workshops and drive greater clarity. From competitive wargaming to innovation strategy to marketing training, Impact Planning has proven their expertise time and again.
Mike Stow
Vice President, Global Marketing, Surgical Robotics, Medtronic
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Over the years, I have continued to be impressed by the way Impact uses their systematic approach to unlock our teams’ minds and creativity. They have helped us gain valuable insights that were key to successfully launching global systems and programs.
Luis Duarte
Product Manager, Engineering Strategy & Innovation, Carrier