Companies often seek outside perspective when faced with a new market or challenge that they want to conquer.  They also tend to seek advice when faced with the opposite –a once-promising market opportunity where they are under-performing.

In both cases, it is typical to hire marketing strategy consulting firms to help you build a plan.  These engagements have benefits and drawbacks.  For example, consultants often provide fresh perspectives on a vexing challenge.  But even successful engagements don’t leave you with an approach to solve future problems. 

Consulting firms often consider this to be their “secret sauce.”  As a result, many companies become overly-reliant on their consulting partners to help them solve future problems.

Our strategy engagements are designed to provide you with all of the benefits of gaining outside perspective while eliminating the usual drawbacks. Our toolkit is our “secret sauce“; its application provides a long list of potentially-differentiating strategies that solve difficult marketing challenges

When faced with difficult strategic challenges, Impact Planning has been a great thought-partner to help facilitate workshops and drive greater clarity. From competitive wargaming to innovation strategy to marketing training, Impact Planning has proven their expertise time and again.
Mike Stow
Vice President, Global Marketing, Surgical Robotics, Medtronic
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Of course, all consulting firms have a framework for solving market problems.  Here’s how our approach is different:

We Give You Our “Secret Sauce” – Our mission is to transform and elevate Marketing’s role in your company.  So we work side-by-side with you in solving your strategy problems, providing full visibility into our strategic tools.  By “teaching you how to fish”, we empower you to apply our strategy tools to future marketing problems.  You gain value from our engagement long after it ends.  

You Always Get Our Best Personnel – Many consulting firm’s business models require their experts to be in many places at once.  The result is a sort of “bait-and-switch,” where your engagement is manned on a daily basis by hard-working, but less-experienced personnel.  We are a boutique firm that accepts a limited number of engagements, and staffs them with only highly-experienced consultants.  You will have the undivided participation of our best people from start to finish.

Our Approach Ensures Execution of the Plan – The design of our frameworks and approach requires key cross-functional participation in any plan you develop.  Our tools quickly get all stakeholders –from sales to operations to finance – into an “outside-in”, customer-focused mindset.  Everyone feels that they have had input into the ultimate plan.  Why is this important?  Because when it comes time to launch, these colleagues will feel ownership and follow-through as they execute their part of the plan.  

The result of this unique approach goes far beyond gaining powerful new strategies for a particular challenge.  You gain alignment for your plan and new tools to solve future challenges.

Over the years, I have continued to be impressed by the way Impact uses their systematic approach to unlock our teams’ minds and creativity. They have helped us gain valuable insights that were key to successfully launching global systems and programs.
Luis Duarte
Product Manager, Engineering Strategy & Innovation, Carrier