Sean Welham is a British Citizen who has worked extensively around the world in the field of business-to-business strategic marketing. His work as a speaker, trainer and consultant is predominantly in the technical and scientific arena with clients ranging from jet engines to oil and gas production and from agricultural chemicals to pharmaceuticals.

Sean loves to turn robust academic concepts into simple and effective tools and to teach these in a way that is practical and memorable. He is one of our most popular presenters and receives rave reviews for both his depth of knowledge and his ability to hold an audience’s interest while creating a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

A committed life long learner (and self-confessed nerd), Sean is continually evolving his methods and content based on the frequent and important changes in the fields of commercial execution and business education. Working with a wide range of businesses in different parts of the world, together with his ongoing academic pursuits, helps him balance the practicalities of competing today with the innovation needed for tomorrow.

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