In this insightful podcast, Mary, Sean and Tom unravel the mystery behind Barnes & Noble’s enduring success in the face of fierce competition from Amazon. The trio dives into what makes Barnes & Noble stand out in an age where traditional bookstores often struggle.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why emotions matter, even in the seemingly rational world of B2B
  • The power of the “opposite-good” positioning strategy
  • The usefulness of using segmentation to find unfilled “gaps” in customer needs

Here are some quotes from the team’s discussion:

  • People were spending three times longer (in bookstores) than in other stores.
  • “You can always find an opposite good to what is owned by the big competitor.”
  • There’s always a segment that’s going to be underserved by the leader.”

We hope you enjoy the discussion and gain some helpful insights.