This week we dive deep into the topics of B2B industry ecosystems:  the collection of related products  and services that surround your offerings.  Increasingly, customers want to buy an entire solution rather than piece it together themselves.

In this episode, the team outlines the strategic questions that inform your decisions about whether or not to participate in industry ecosystems:  like should you be the hub of an ecosystem, a participant, or none of the above?  They even suggest specific strategy tools that can help you make these complex decisions.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why the decision to join an ecosystem or not is vital to your future
  • How to evaluate and choose one of several ecosystem roles you can play
  • Why you have to evaluate which ecosystems will “win” in your industry

Here are some quotes from the team’s discussion:

“Scale and manufacturing flexibility are good reasons to be a multi-ecosystem player.”

“If you don’t have manufacturing flexibility, you must make a bet on a winning ecosystem .”

“Trend analysis helps you predict whether your industry will eventually develop standards “

We hope you enjoy the discussion and gain some helpful insights!