This seasonal finale of “The Dark Side of Marketing” focuses on something once called “pure, white and deadly.” It’s not cocaine — it’s sugar!

Several decades ago, the Sugar Lobby found some unscrupulous ways to cover up the deadly consequences of its own product by pointing to another food ingredient as most detrimental to health — fat.

Making fat the bad guy not only led to a litany of low fat/no fat foods. It also gave high sugar content foods a bit of a pass when it comes to nutritional scrutiny.

Even today, the attributes of high-fat foods are underrated, while many pay far too little attention to the negative health outcomes caused by too much sugar in their diet. What can be learned about the Sugar Lobby’s tactics that can actually be used for good when marketing your own B2B products and services?

In this episode you will learn:

  • How understanding the influencers in your market better than the competition gives you a huge positioning advantage
  • Proactive strategies that help you control how your company is perceived by key audiences
  • How the consumer strategies highlighted in this case apply directly to B2B markets

Here’s some quotes from the team’s discussion:

“Don’t let the competition EVER position you — its NEVER good.”

“We’ve seen many cases where entire categories have been re-positioned by one company.”

“The more you claim objectivity, the less likely it is that you are objective! Trust is earned.”

We hope you learn some valuable strategies from the discussion!