We are spending an entire podcast season on a topic marketers struggle with all of the time: return on investment (ROI). With the growing popularity of content marketing—which is by nature a “soft-sell”— it seems that marketers are facing more scrutiny of their investments than ever before. Each episode this season focuses on a specific aspect of marketing ROI to help you understand how to address the topic with your management team and maximize your returns.

In this week’s episode, we focus on the topic of “getting credit.” How do you know if marketing is responsible for something good that has happened at your company? In this episode you will learn:

  • The hidden ways that marketing impacts successes claimed by other functions
  • How to communicate with your leadership team so that they understand marketing’s financial contributions
  • How to use the topic of ROI to open the door for marketing to play a more strategic role in your company

Here’s a quote from the team’s interesting debate on “taking credit”:

“Marketers need to look for opportunities to take partial credit—or partial blame—for other functions results if they are to be thought of as orchestrators of a company’s strategy.”

We hope you enjoy the discussion!