A good marketing planning process is an underrated secret to many organization’s success. It includes tools, frameworks and checkpoints that ensure marketers don’t make the mistakes that kill their chances of marketplace success.

Yet many companies operate without a defined marketing planning process, or have an undisciplined approach that changes from year to year. This gives rise to planning mistakes that are costly—and avoidable!

What are these costly planning mistakes–and how do the best B2B companies use planning discipline to avoid them? That is the subject of this white paper, based on an Impact Planning Group survey of a “who’s who” of industrial giants.

Find out if your company makes these marketing strategy mistakes when building plans. Learn the mindset that helps marketers create, communicate and capture maximum value by eliminating common planning mistakes. Download the desk reference and white paper today!

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Recently, a business partner came to us with a request: ​could we create a list of the top marketing planning mistakes, on a single page, with some simple advice on how to avoid them? ​

The passion of the resulting internal debate about what should be on the list—and in what order—gave rise to an idea.​

​We sent the original list to our clients with modest expectations for response. We asked: “Which mistakes would make your top three?” and “Which marketing planning mistakes would you add to the list?” ​