Many people are passionate about sports, so it’s fun when the business of sports can teach us about business strategy.  Such is the case with the fight between two professional golf tours – the incumbent #1 North America-based PGA Tour and its new challenger, the Saudi Arabian government- backed LIV Tour.

In this podcast the team sets up a multi-podcast discussion of the strategic implications of the moves being made by both tours. Over the course of this episode and the next, the team will highlight lessons learned about ecosystem strategy, positioning and the importance of conducting competitive war games. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why sports leagues really are the same as other businesses – customers matter!
  • Historical comparisons between the PGA/LIV feud and a past cricket upstart league
  • Why new sports leagues struggle and often fail

Here are some quotes from the team’s discussion:

  • “You can compare PGA/LIV to the battle between Apple and other PC makers”
  • “Sports consumers demand the very best product, just like customers in any industry.”
  • “The PGA has a huge advantage in this battle based on the following statistics…”

We hope you enjoy the discussion and gain some helpful insights.