Affordably Outsource Some of Your Strategy Work to Us and “White Label” The Output

Many clients seek strategic advice from agencies, in addition to creative development and execution.  For agencies that do strategy well, their expertise leads to higher margins and long-term customer loyalty.

The problem is that most agencies have only a few strategic thinkers on staff, and they quickly get spread too thin.  

How Embedded Strategy Works

Engaging Impact as embedded strategists can help solve this problem.  We stay in the background and quickly develop strategic plans for your clients that you then call your own – and which guide your creative.  

Using our proven & powerful tools for segmenting, targeting, positioning, etc., we can quickly put forth strategic options that agencies can combine with their creative and executional talent to present to the client – and establish a reputation as great strategic partners.

Why Embedded Strategy With Impact Works

For over 40 years, Impact has been developing frameworks and helping Fortune 500 clients directly — and participants in Colombia University and Caltech’s Executive Education program — build their strategic marketing skills.  Along the way, we’ve been exposed to every B2B industry, becoming versatile and elite marketing practitioners, and thought leaders. 

Because we are quick studies — and because we’ve honed our tools to provide rapid insights — we can provide embedded strategies to agencies at a much more affordable price than your other options.

Advantages of Using Embedded Strategists

  1. More affordable and flexible than other options – Instead of hiring industry-specific rainmakers, or paying up for permanent strategic staff, embedded strategists can provide you with a more flexible high-quality option.  Hire us when you need us, turn us loose when you don’t.
  2. We give you our “secret sauce” – We’ll provide full visibility into our strategic tools as we develop the embedded strategies.  In this way, we “teach you how to fish” and empower you to apply our strategy tools to future marketing problems. 
  3. We’ll even train your account execs – If you want, we’ll train junior personnel in our approach to increase their strategic skills and impact on your clients.  This deepens your strategic “bench strength” — and ultimately positions your firm as true strategic partners

Contact us today to discuss how embedded strategists can help your agency gain and retain more high value, loyal clients. 

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