The Accidental Marketer

By Tom Spitale & Mary Abbazia

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Power Tools For People Who Find Themselves In Marketing Roles

You may be asking, just who is an Accidental Marketer? In today’s technology-driven world, many businesses are hiring scientists, engineers, and designers to fulfill strategic marketing and product management roles. These are Accidental Marketers, untrained marketers now tasked with developing marketing strategies.

The Accidental Marketer is a practical guide for these professionals. Through 10 marketing tools featured in the book, these Accidental Marketers will be given the immediate ability to create powerful strategies that increase sales and profits for any product in any industry.

The Accidental Marketer:

Explains how great marketers uncover insights about customers that competitors miss and use new insights to create a range of strategic options for their marketing plans.

Shows how the best marketers execute their strategies through developing innovative branding and communication plans and value propositions.

The Accidental Marketer allows any inexperienced marketer to step into a new role and develop an effective strategy.


The Buzz

“An essential read for scientists and engineers who want to bring their inventions to market. The Accidental Marketer presents a valuable toolkit that should lead to better partnerships with marketing colleagues and drive results with customers.”

Beth Comstock



“For the past ten years, my work with the authors has centered on aligning leaders around common goals and developing winning strategies. I found the model to be highly successful. The Accidental Marketer contains a clear and concise agenda for businesses that want to thrive in a world experiencing constant change.”

Bryan C. Hanson

Group President

Medical Devices & U.S., Covidien

“Marketers can’t rely on intuition to compete in today’s dynamic markets. They need proven tools to lead their cross-functional teams in testing their assumptions, uncovering insights and determining how to satisfy target customer needs better than anyone else. This book is an ideal resource for doing all of this and more. If you are an accidental marketer, this book is a must read.”

Robert Baker

Marketing Excellence Team

Pfizer Inc.

More Buzz

“As an accidental marketer who was trained as a chemist, I have learned to love the discipline of this type of approach to marketing. Tom and Mary make applying process and tools both fun and highly productive.”

Lynn Rosen

Global Director Special Formulas and Opinion Leader and Advocacy LEAD

Wyeth Nutrition, a part of Nestle SA

“Spitale and Abbazia have written a very useful book, chock full of interesting case studies. Easy to read, insightful and thought-provoking. These first-time authors are obviously very experienced marketers.”

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers Ph.D.

co-authors of Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage

“As we look for ways to differentiate and grow the business, I believe it is critical that our marketing and commercial organization have strong strategic marketing skills. These tools provide them with the right level of structure and discipline, and help them have an “outside in” mindset. Additionally, this sound process, if adopted as an organization, can enable marketers from different backgrounds and geographies to have a common approach and language to exchange ideas.”

Alejandro Bernal

Executive Vice President and Area President, Europe, Africa and Middle East Region,


“Shackleton's famous recruitment ad in the Times of London with the headline, ‘Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey’ is how an inexperienced marketer might feel. Believe me, The Accidental Marketer is an essential survival kit for those courageous enough to venture into marketing's uncharted waters!”

Bryan Mattimore

Author, Idea Stormers President

The Growth Engine Company

“Tom Spitale and Mary Abbazia are marketing consulting veterans with a unique way of conveying sage marketing advice in a compelling and convincing manner. The Accidental Marketer provides an excellent and very applicable step-by-step framework for designing robust marketing strategies for any industry, whether B2B or B2C. To the point and easy to read, the book is filled with simple but powerful planning tools to help answer key strategic marketing questions. In addition, the authors discuss many memorable case studies from a variety of industries to drive their point home. A must read for anyone with new marketing responsibilities.”

Michel Tuan Pham

Kravis Professor of Business

Columbia University

“Mary and Tom are the most practical marketing experts I came across. They build for your business experience based, actionable and easy to use insights and tools. The perfect combination of expertise, down to earth approach and fun. A big thank you to them and their team for all of those fruitful years of collaboration.”

Bruno Bert


Wyeth Nutrition, a part of Nestle SA

"As a formally-trained veterinarian that found myself in a marketing role, I truly am an “Accidental Marketer”! I have personally used the tools in this book to successfully lead the launch and rebranding of several products - as if I have been a marketer all my career."

Shelley Stanford

Director, Technical Services


"For many years, my marketing teams have used the tools in this book to develop strong strategies in complex business-to-business healthcare markets. The approach created a common marketing language that led us to ask the right questions about our markets, customers and our own capabilities in building differentiated marketing plans. I would strongly recommend the methodology to any marketer who wants to make an impact!”

Francois Drolet

formerly VP of Sales and Marketing at

Covidien Canada,

now head of sales at

Roche Diagnostics Canada

"I have been waiting for you to write this book! Given my experiences over the years with you, I can’t think of a better approach to help businesses succeed!”

Lesley Fronio

Worldwide Vice President,

Commercial Marketing Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

"My marketing team at Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute used some of the tools in this book to analyze our pricing strategies. We were able to successfully price a number of our products to gain greater margins without sacrificing customers!”

Sally Cunningham

Deputy Chief Strategy Officer

Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute

“As a founder of Impact Planning Group over 35 years ago, I am proud to see that these tools have been time-tested with thousands of companies, and continue to add value to organizations and their customers.”

James Mac Hulbert

R. C. Kopf Professor Emeritus, Columbia University and Visiting Professor

Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

“When you apply the tools and techniques from Mary Abbazia and Tom Spitale’s book “The Accidental Marketer”, the outcome is not accidental. I highly recommend this book for the “positioners” who constantly strive for the “unfair” competitive advantage and ability to win.”

John D. Willett

Director-Tactical Programs

Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense