Meet Tom and Mary



Tom Spitale has spent the last 20 years studying and unlocking the mysteries of marketing success. As a speaker, consultant and trainer he has launched thousands of strategic initiatives and plans in the Americas, Europe and Asia for Fortune 500 companies and for lesser-known organizations in highly-specialized markets.

Tom creates tools and frameworks that his clients use in workshop settings, helping them uncover the keys to differentiating their products and services in as little as 2 days. His goal is to help elevate the role of marketers in the modern organization to be the “orchestrators of company strategy.”

Prior to his consulting career, Tom held a variety of marketing, pricing and actuarial positions for Wal-Mart, General Electric and Great American Insurance Company. He is a husband, father, entrepreneur, investor, musician, golfer, sports fan, spiritualist and cook. His hobbies expose him to successful practitioners in many different areas, which he finds extremely helpful in his work as a marketer.


Mary Abbazia is Managing Director of Impact Planning Group and Co-Author of The Accidental Marketer. She is known for her ability to infuse enthusiasm for the discipline of marketing. She is a strategic marketer who helps Fortune 1000 clients (such as GE, Pfizer and Marriott) grow their business by developing marketing skills and dynamic market strategies. She also teaches marketing to executives at Columbia University and at California Institute of Technology.

Mary is originally from the California where she started her career at Intel, and later joined The BASES Group, as a Vice President forecasting new products & services. Over the past 25 years, her vision to galvanize professionals has resulted in successful marketing strategies across a variety of sectors and markets. She is a renowned speaker, an executive educator and business coach. Her practical approach and proven frameworks enable clients to transform their business challenges into innovative marketing strategies.

Mary earned a Bachelor of Science in managerial economics from the University of California at Davis and received an MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA. She loves to travel and explore different cultures. Mary now resides in Connecticut with her husband and two amazing children.


Sean Welham is a British Citizen who has worked extensively around the world in the field of business-to-business strategic marketing. His work as a speaker, trainer and consultant is predominantly in the technical and scientific arena with clients ranging from jet engines to oil and gas production and from agricultural chemicals to pharmaceuticals.
Sean loves to turn robust academic concepts into simple and effective tools and to teach these in a way that is practical and memorable. He is one of our most popular presenters and receives rave reviews for both his depth of knowledge and his ability to hold an audiences interest while creating a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.
A committed life long learner (and self confessed nerd), Sean is continually evolving his methods and content based on the frequent and important changes in the fields of commercial execution and business education. Working with a wide range of businesses in different parts of the world, together with his ongoing academic pursuits, helps him balance the practicalities of competing today with the innovation needed for tomorrow.



Teri Motheral has a 23 year history of aiding individuals, teams and organizations to define which projects, services and/or processes are most integral to their success. Teri’s philosophy is that for any given situation there are several options and her role is to help you determine which ones fit your unique situation, proficiencies and considerations. Her methodology includes bringing together cross-functional teams and securing organizational support to transform ideas into vanguard innovations. She believes that strategies must be linked to well-administered tactics for your vision and mission to be realized.
Teri’s skills and abilities are applicable in a wide range of circumstances and have been applied in 31 countries across 5 continents. Her skills cross several disciplines: Teaching, Pure and Applied Science, R&D, Quality and Regulatory, Marketing and Business Management. Teri’s experience provides her with a clarity of modelling and focused communication to relay information in memorable, and digestible formats.